Friday, June 17, 2011

Mason Jars

We are in the throes of summer here in Nashville, and what better time to pay tribute to our friend the Mason jar. I'm pretty sure this is every Southern girl's favorite piece of glassware.

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Mason jars are showing up in so many Southern weddings,
and it's no wonder--they are a beautiful addition to decor!

Mason jar centerpieces
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They are the perfect multi-purpose vessel.

Beautiful as vases on a windowsill
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Mason jars as soap dispensers
image courtesy of Lovely Spaces

what I wouldn't give to fill this
with a fresh summer limeaid
or, let's be honest--a minty mojito
image courtesy of Simple + Pretty

love this pathway of Mason jar luminaries
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LOVE this.
Mounted Mason jars to store all kinds of goodies!
image found here

I dream of giving new life to an old wooden coke crate
and filling it with jars
that hold little treasures
image found here

Have you given new life to an old Mason jar? What fun ways have you used one lately?


  1. I officially have to go buy some mason jars now!

  2. You should! Although, beware...some antique shops try to capitalize on the current craze and charge an arm and a leg. I wouldn't pay more than a few bucks for one, you can find them on ebay or etsy pretty cheap. If you do go to an antique store, I heard you can barter with them (especially if it's an antique place with booths and different sellers). They will almost always give you 15% off, no questions asked! I would just figure up what's 15% off the asking price and then say you'll give them that much. Worth a try!